Our motto is Talented people create world level projects.

Galaktica is associated with stars.

These are strong, ambitious people, while the planets are projects of a global world-level nature.

Galaktica is a large branch of the holding group, and we are working on our own product aimed at creating highload projects in the field of social communications.

Our company began its journey in 2019, and during this time, our team has evolved from scratch to 52 specialists.

Right now, we are at the scaling stage.

We have launched a completed product, operate with good budgets, our clients come from countries with the most solvent and largest markets (the USA, UK, Australia etc.).

And most importantly, we are not a startup 🙂

People are our main value!

We want our Galaktica to become a foundation for the growth of talented and hardworking people, a foundation for great opportunities, internal startups, and the growth of a large ecosystem of different businesses.

We consider our company a fertile ground for the growth of various IT products in progressive business areas, with the opportunity for talented people to become a partner.

In our company:

you will directly influence the product;

there is a well-thought-out system of professional growth;

we have the most transparent management system, and you will receive regular feedback on your work;

there reigns an atmosphere of professionalism and development as our entire team works together and we constantly support each other;

With passion
We genuinely love the things we do, which empowers us to move on despite anything. Our passion moves the mountains.
In pace with technology
Studying the demand on the market, we create really useful and necessary products. We are guided by cutting-edge tendencies!
We value creative minds that generate awesome ideas. With us, your imagination blooms and lets amazing projects emerge.
Universal solutions
Galaktica welcomes anyone who wants to develop every day. Who knows what dedication is and gladly accepts any challenges. Sounds cool?

Our values

We select exclusively the strongest employees, thoroughly choosing people for our team. We are hunting for stars and great talents.
We create only world-level projects that can be scaled in different countries and developed all over the world in the future. We prefer quality and scope to quantity.
We appreciate learning and constant growth.
It means becoming a better version of yourself every day.
We stand for continuous improvement in all areas of business. Our aim is not to support what has been invented before us, not to follow the well-trodden path, not to be content with the little, but to conquer new heights. To be better, get more customers, more revenue, set new records, and achieve ambitious goals.
Constant improvement needs a direction, for which it is necessary to measure everything.
From this, the next principle follows. We influence and control what we are measuring. We are for the most in-depth analytics and solid numbers in all areas of business. We know from experience that digitizing everything you can is the path to success.



Our web and mobile development services aren’t merely products. They are not only about making an application, server, and database interact properly. It’s all about creating an impeccable solution that functions seamlessly and meets modern market needs, which altogether creates a great clients’ experience and wins our customers’ loyalty.
The beginning of the 21st century has been marked by an intense increase in globalization processes that couldn’t but influence our company. We have reached the American and Western European market while our advertising strategy has acquired a global meaning and is scaling every day.
Internet marketing allows us to adapt to any communication platform, be it banners, email, SMS, social media, instant messengers or web push. All this makes interaction with the target audience easier so that Galaktica can build long-term relationships with its customers all over the world.



If you are an ambitious professional eager to fulfil your creative potential, we are glad to welcome you! Join us and become a part of our friendly family where everyone is highly appreciated.
When we set a goal, we know how to achieve it, with every member of our team working for his own and the company’s sake. Team spirit is our big advantage.
We have become experts in our field due to the accumulated experience based on extensive knowledge. Galaktica is always learning new things, and you will be encouraged on that way too!
We gladly accept challenges, new technologies, and aren’t afraid of novelty. Creative individuals are always encouraged to show initiative since we welcome fresh ideas giving birth to awesome projects.
There can be no success if you don’t love the things you do. We at Galaktica are wholeheartedly dedicated to our business, which provides great results.
Our employees are our biggest value. Working as a team is the only option if you want to achieve your goal. That’s why we cherish every person joining us as well as encourage any initiative and always motivate to show it.
Our approach is a manager for an employee, not an employee for a manager. We are more of a friendly family rather than a typical company with subordinating structure. Therefore, every employee within the company has been and will be heard and understood.
Trust is the key to a strong relationship. Thanks to it, we build long-term relationships with all employees that are based on honesty and a desire to conquer the heights together. Unity in a team is unity in success.
A motivated team is half the success of any business. Together with loyalty and the sense of unity, it creates a superb atmosphere in which real professionals grow up that want to develop and will do that for sure.
«Galaktica» is the best in the field of network communications and boasts about an extensive experience in this sphere.
Leadership is in our blood.

We are result-driven.

We create a team that excels in results, leaving the rivals behind to swallow dust.

We create a team that puts growth first.

A team that finds a way out of any situation and considers any problem a task, a riddle, a challenge.

A team of creative and persistent members who enjoy victories, set ambitious goals, and achieve them together!