Our social mission is to create a strong and friendly team of professionals. Qualitative changes in the employees’ and partners’ lives are our inspiration.


Our social mission is to create a strong and friendly team of professionals. Qualitative changes in the employees’ and partners’ lives are our inspiration.
We are constantly developing and we change the world around us, but our five values remain the same:

Team. We are a united team focused on achieving common goals. The key to our success is attracting people capable of approaching their work creatively and taking initiative. The principle of mutual respect in the employees’ interpersonal relationships lets everyone feel irreplaceable  and come to work with joy.

Reputation. Attracting the best professionals in their field, we guarantee that you will work in an expert environment, where you will always be supported and able to quickly grow professionally. Competitive salaries, great emotional climate of a friendly team, cool corporate events – all this contributes to the fact that our close-knit team is constantly growing.

Ambition. We are thirsty for new knowledge and efficiency gain. We are constantly increasing human and financial resources. A long-term partnership is our main aim.

Striving for perfection. We constantly develop since we desire to achieve more than it is real. That’s why we challenge non-standard approaches and new technologies.

Love. We genuinely love what we do, which helps us to conquer the market not only with inexhaustible strength and perseverance, but also with a taste for life.


We come not to the office to work with colleagues, but to the space for creativity full of like-minded soulmates in order to create products that did not exist yesterday as well as to improve and develop what already exists.

The upward movement never ends. Even if you have already conquered the world and achieved a lot, you will still feel the need for self-improvement. You want to reach more, soar higher, move faster, and after a while, you would like to look at the IT department consisting of 100 and then even more people, who are happy, cool, and extraordinary.

We are building a company that is autonomous and strong like a separate state. Business erases borders, language barriers, and cultural differences, thereby becoming cooler and larger than some countries. Employees want to work for such companies; not only the owner and top professionals but also the managers and specialists enjoy working there. After all, there is no better feeling than being a part of a big family, growing professionally without worries about tomorrow and witnessing the times when Galaktica will be present all over the world changing and improving it.

Our dedication is embedded in the company. Each employee, regardless of position, always knows why he works here, what he wants to achieve and how he will move up the career ladder. “Galaktica is a platform for development and growth. Everyone joining us is certain to develop.” Such an approach helps to cherish strong people within the company. That’s why it is not surprising that 99% of CEOs grew up within the company.

From the very beginning, we set a course for building a strong corporate culture. The one that will bring people together and shape networking. All this is described by the word “loyalty.”

For us, the words “corporate culture” are not just a set of sounds but an immense value.

We regularly hold training webinars, attend team-building events once a month and just love to relax together. Altogether, this helps us to achieve maximum cohesion and teamwork. Join us to fully rejoice at awesome work results!


Company day

We spent the day of the company, which was August 8, in the X-Park extreme complex in the open air. This is a unique place for sports, recreation and relaxation, located in a green area on Trukhanov Island. Therefore, it is not surprising that the warm weather and a cozy gazebo on the river bank made our employees enjoy a wonderful holiday.

The day began with light snacks and a bar, after which everyone could take part in bumper ball. It was such fun and excitement! Further on the program, there was no less fascinating wakeboarding. Despite the skills, everyone who dared to get on the board got a lot of pleasure and an unforgettable experience with the help of an experienced instructor.

Cool chefs pampered us with all sorts of snacks, seafood on the fire and barbecue. Throughout the day, hookah workers provided us with hookahs for every taste. The atmosphere in our friendly team was so light and relaxed that no one wanted to leave. Without a doubt, it will be hard for us to forget this wonderful summer team building event!


On October, 30 2020 we celebrated Halloween in its best traditions. The main point of this holiday is to dress up in various costumes, arrange parties and corporate events. Dressing up in an unusual costume and putting on solid makeup, you can deceive the evil spirits who have passed through the open doors between the living and the dead, and they will consider you their mate.

To match the atmosphere of the holiday, our employees had a professional make-up artist at their disposal, who helped them create the most extraordinary and frightening images of their choice based on the plots of the films Star Wars, Saw, It.

Our office was thematically decorated with cobwebs, bats, witches, decorative pumpkins and pumpkin-baskets with sweets. The room was decorated in yellow, orange, red and black.

What festive mood can there be without a feast? The treats were very bright and were accompanied by perky, danceable and fun playlists. All this contributed to the fact that our guys have truly relaxed and communicated gaily and sincerely, raising the corporate spirit. No wonder they did not want to leave the office until morning. Looking forward to the next corporate event like this!

New Year 2021

On December, 25 2020, our friendly team plunged into the festive atmosphere and celebrated New Year together. Since we are not used to celebrating a holiday in a cafe  because we always consider a concept, we have chosen the Gangster format for this party. All our employees could choose the images of bandits from different eras, starting from the “Peaky Blinders” of the 20s-30s of the 20th century up to the stylish swindlers of our days.

The venue was a large and cozy country cottage, which is located in one of the most beautiful places in the Kiev region. During the day, transfers were organized there, and those who wanted could stay overnight in the house and return to Kiev the next day.

For a pleasant pastime, employees had the opportunity to use the large indoor pool, take a sauna, play billiards and just relax in a pleasant company. Also, the teams of hookah workers and experienced chefs were taking care of our unforgettable rest.

The main gala dinner and entertainment program led by a cool host and top DJ continued until the steadiest member. After the event, we have received beautiful professional photos and a video we will be bragging about on social networks for a long time.

The entertainment program began with face control, where getting acquainted with the gangster images of each employee took place. The main goal was to redeem the code from the safe, earning a sum for the team for completing the host’s tasks. Both the competitive spirit and the traditions of team building were well developed at this stage. Although initially the staff was divided into teams by departments, we united to achieve a common goal – to get the map with the coordinates of the treasures from the safe!

This day was spent in an atmosphere of fun and will be remembered for bright joyful moments for a long time!


Be in the stream of interesting projects, continuous learning and your creative
potential’s fulfillment.

We are searching for real professionals who approach their business with fire in their

eyes and heart! Together with us, you will be carrying out the projects others could only dream of.

We do our best for the employees to keep their work productive. Our offices are equipped with everything you need and we create a friendly atmosphere within the team.

You will be able to grow professionally and receive a salary above the market offer.