Our values

We change and change the world around us, but our five values remain unchanged

How we take care of the team

Our company sincerely cares about each employee because satisfied people are the main guarantee of the prosperity of any business.

  • The launched product

    The  launched product

    Our team has a ready-to-run product that they are proud of. We cooperate with the most solvent markets of the world (Canada, USA, Great Britain, Australia, etc.). We create only world-class projects that can be scaled in different countries, and in the future can be developed worldwide. We do not splurge on quantity but prefer quality and scale.

  • Training and development

    Training and development

    We focus on learning and constant growth. It means becoming a better version of yourself every day. We have become experts in our field thanks to accumulated experience based on thorough knowledge. Galaktica is always learning new things and you will be encouraged to learn new things too!

  • Reliability and support

    Reliability and support

    Our approach is a manager for an employee, not an employee for a manager. We are a close-knit family rather than a typical company with a subordinate structure. Therefore, every employee within the company was and will be heard and understood.

  • Motivation


    A motivated team is half the success of any business. Combined with loyalty and a sense of unity, this creates a wonderful atmosphere in which true professionals grow. Our employees are our greatest asset. That is why we value everyone who joins us, encourage any initiative and always motivate people to show it.

  • Having rest with the team

    Having rest with the team

    We regularly hold educational webinars, go out once a month for team building and just like to relax together. All this helps to achieve maximum cohesion and teamwork. Join us to fully experience the joy of great work results! Galaktica has the brightest team building events and the tastiest dinners at the expense of the company.