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"Adapting to Google's innovations is not just survival in the world of SEO, it is the way to leadership. Algorithms change, and therefore we have to change as well," - says Nina Romaschenko, SEO Content Team Lead.
The latest Google Core Update brought a number of significant changes to the search landscape, forcing website owners and SEO specialists in Ukraine to review their optimization strategies. Innovations are aimed at improving the quality and relevance of search results, but at the same time can be a challenge due to a possible drop in rankings and metrics. Therefore, the key to success is constant readiness for changes and the ability to quickly adapt sites to new realities. This is confirmed by the experience of, where the team led by Romaschenko is actively working on promoting content in sub-Saharan African markets.

What is Google Core Update?

At the very beginning, let's consider what Google Core Update is. These are global updates to Google's core search algorithm, which occur approximately every quarter and aim to improve the quality and relevance of search results. As a rule, they last about two weeks, during which the positions of sites in search results can fluctuate. Such changes often require SEO specialists to react quickly and adapt their strategies.
Update Release date Main objectives
Panda February 2011 Fight against spam and low-quality content
Penguin April 2012 Downgrading sites with unnatural links
Hummingbird August 2013 Better understanding of user requests
Pigeon July 2014 Improved local search results
RankBrain October 2015 Using artificial intelligence to understand queries
Mobilegeddon April 2015 Prioritize mobile search
BERT October 2019 Better understanding of query context
These updates aim to identify and highlight high-quality content, while sites with insufficient text uniqueness, outdated or low-quality content, and spammy resources may experience a drop in rankings. This doesn't mean that even the best sites are immune to failure, but it does highlight the importance of constantly updating and improving content. In particular, the last update from October 2023 was global and affected all types of content to improve its relevance and usefulness. Although Google does not disclose the impact of this update on specific queries or searches, it can be considered a typical update that covers a wide range of queries and has a quick impact. It is important that the site consistently meets the E-A-T (expertise, authority, trustworthiness) requirements that Google uses to evaluate the quality of pages. In addition, it is worth paying attention to YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) content, which may affect the user's life, for example, his health, financial status or security. Google now considers such content to be potentially dangerous and recommends avoiding these topics unless you have reputable expert authors.

Impact of updates on Ukrainian websites

Зображення, яке символізує зміни в алгоритмах Google та їх вплив на SEO The latest Google Core Update made changes in the rankings of many Ukrainian websites, forcing business owners and SEO specialists to review their promotion strategies. Here are the key changes that could be observed:
  • Increasing attention to content quality. Sites with high-quality, unique and meaningful content have significantly increased their positions in search results.
  • Reducing the visibility of resources with excessive amounts of advertising and those that provide users with low-value information.
  • Sites that specialize in YMYL topics and do not have sufficient expertise have suffered losses in rankings.
  • Web resources that regularly update their content and respond to current user requests received an increase in traffic.
These changes have emphasized the importance of adaptation, which includes increasing the level of expertise, authority and trustworthiness of the content. In particular, for sites that want to succeed in Ukraine, it is important to create materials that not only respond to user requests, but also provide them with added value. According to the analysis, sites from industries that have experienced the biggest changes include medical portals, financial platforms, and resources that provide legal services. This confirms the need to provide reliable and verified information on pages that can affect important aspects of users' lives. Site owners and SEO specialists in Ukraine should take these trends into account and work on creating impeccable content that will not only meet current requirements, but also stand out from the competition.

Strategies of adaptation to updates

Reacting to the Google Core Update requires no less skill than working with changing market trends. Adapting to algorithm updates should become a regular practice for SEO specialists, similar to planning marketing campaigns or managing brand reputation. The most effective way to restore the position of the site after the update is a comprehensive analysis and optimization of the content.
"There is no place for static in the world of SEO. The key to success is constant learning, flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt to new challenges," says Nina Romaschenko, Team Lead SEO Content at Legit.
The approach to content optimization should be deep and thorough. It's important to make sure your content meets EAT standards, especially if it's about YMYL topics. If necessary, remove or update outdated articles, improve author pages by demonstrating their expertise. Another element worth paying attention to is the user experience. Ensure that your site is user-friendly, fast and mobile-responsive. It's also important to regularly monitor Google's forum responses and recommendations for algorithm updates. Remember that recovering from a Google Core Update is a marathon, not a sprint. Make changes incrementally, focusing on quality and adding value to users. Always analyze the impact of changes made and be ready for further optimization.

The importance of quality content

In times when the Internet is overflowing with information, the importance of unique and high-quality content is increasing. It's not just words on a page; it's your reputation, your face in the digital marketing world. High-quality content is content that engages, educates and influences visitors, turning them into loyal customers. In order for your site to gain recognition and high positions in search engines, provide content that meets the criteria of EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) — expertise, authority and reliability. These aspects significantly affect how Google ranks your pages.
Високоякісний контент визначається через елементи якості: глибокі дослідження, оригінальність, експертність автора, візуальні засоби, які підсилюють текст, і чудова структура, що забезпечує легкість читання.
In addition, remember about originality. Don't copy other resources - create unique content that will be valuable to your audience. Emphasize original research, innovative presentation, and the author's unique perspective. This will add depth and relevance to your content. In addition, remember about originality. Don't copy other resources - create unique content that will be valuable to your audience. Emphasize original research, innovative presentation, and the author's unique perspective. This will add depth and relevance to your content. Do not forget to optimize the content for keywords, but do it wisely - keywords should integrate into the text naturally, without redundancy. Use to analyze key performance. As Google continues to roll out updates, such as the Helpful Content Update from September 2023 and the Core Update from October 2023, it is important that your content remains relevant and useful to users. These updates underscore Google's intent to reward sites that provide an exceptional user experience and those that take ethical and user-centric approaches to SEO. Creating such content takes time, effort and creativity, but it is definitely worth the effort. Provide your visitors with content they won't find anywhere else, and you'll see it translate into long-term success for your site.

Frequently Asked Questions about Google Core Update

How do updates affect my site's ranking in Ukraine?

Google Core Update can significantly change your site's ranking, depending on how well it meets current search standards. If your site provides valuable, relevant content and delivers a good user experience, then updates can positively impact your positions on

How can I recover my site's ranking after a Google Core Update?

To recover your ranking after a Google Core Update, focus on improving content quality. Analyze changes in the algorithm and adapt your SEO strategy using Pay attention to user feedback and Google's recommendations for site optimization.

How often does Google release core algorithm updates?

Google regularly updates its core algorithm, roughly a few times a year. However, the exact frequency may vary as the company continuously works on improving the search engine. It's important to keep an eye on announcements and reviews from the SEO community, as well as utilize resources like to stay informed.