Recruiter and HR manager: who are they and what is their difference

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Recruiter and HR manager: let's understand the difference

In today's world, HR managers and recruiters are often confused, but these two roles have their own characteristics and differences. An HR manager is a personnel management professional that includes all aspects of human resources, including attraction and retention.

The task of the recruiter is to find talented candidates and select them for the company. They are aimed at meeting the needs of both the company and the candidates.

Let's understand these roles in more detail. Let's take a closer look at these roles.

Who is a recruiter?

A recruiter is a person who, taking into account the needs of the business, searches for gifted specialists and fills vacancies in the company. This is one of the important positions that directly affects the performance of the business. The recruiter is responsible for selecting positions depending on the client's needs, creating a candidate profile and posting vacancies on all necessary resources.

The main job of a recruiter is to find and analyze resumes and portfolios of candidates, both actively and passively. They conduct interviews with potential candidates and provide them with information about the work environment and conditions. In addition, recruiters collect and check references, make job offers and strive to support candidates until their first day at the company.

The main duties of a recruiter

  • The choice of position depends on the client's needs
  • Creating a candidate profile
  • Posting vacancies on all relevant resources
  • Resume and portfolio analysis
  • Active and passive search for candidates
  • Preparation and conducting of interviews
  • Presentation of the working environment and conditions of the candidate
  • Collection and consideration of recommendations
  • Drafting a job offer
  • Interacting and helping candidates with their first day at the company.

A recruiter's job ends after confirming a candidate to fill or open a vacancy, and this is where the main job of an HR specialist begins. Recruiters often process a database of job candidates received by an organization and send only selected candidates to HR.

In general, the main difference between a recruiter and an HR specialist is the focus of their work. Recruiters are focused on finding talented candidates and closing vacancies, while HR specialists deal with the development and training of employees, organize the process of promotion and growth within the company.

Let's take a look at the main responsibilities of a recruiter.

Who is an HR manager?

An HR manager is a specialist who manages the company's human resources. He is responsible for working with the staff and ensures their effective work.

The HR manager performs a wide range of duties, including:

  • Recruitment: selecting the best candidates for positions, conducting interviews, evaluating their skills and experience.
  • Adaptation of new employees: organization of individual introductory training, familiarization with the company's corporate culture and rules.
  • Motivation and stimulation of personnel: development and implementation of a motivation system, organization of corporate events and programs to increase employee satisfaction.
  • Assessment of employee competencies: determination and assessment of skills, knowledge and abilities of employees, development of individual development plans.
  • Career development and professional training: organization of trainings, seminars and training for employees with the aim of improving their qualifications and career development.
  • Management of documentation and registration: maintaining personnel documentation, registration of employment contracts, dismissal and transfer of employees.
  • Creation and support of corporate culture: formation of values, norms and rules of behavior in the team, organization of corporate events and communication with employees.
  • Ensuring comfortable working conditions for employees: creating a favorable working environment, solving health and safety problems.

Recruiter and HR manager: comparison

Recruiters and HR managers are two different professions, which, although they have a common goal - attracting and retaining talented employees, but have their own characteristics and tasks.

A recruiter performs the main function of finding and selecting candidates for the company. They communicate both with the company and with candidates, looking for people who fully satisfy the needs of the organization. Their main goal is to ensure the satisfaction of both parties - the company and the candidate.

In turn, the HR manager deals with personnel management in many ways. They create opportunities for career growth of employees, help maintain a comfortable working atmosphere and take care of team development.

HR managers assume responsibility for all aspects of work with personnel - from the process of recruitment and adaptation to the further development of the team.

Although the two professionals often work together, their functions and tasks in the organization are different. Recruiters focus on finding and selecting candidates, while HR managers deal with multifaceted personnel management. This comparison chart will help you better understand their difference:

Features Recruiter HR manager
Main function To search for and recruit the right people to the company Manage personnel, create opportunities for career growth
Communication with clients Company and candidate None
The goal of cooperation To satisfy both clients To adapt a new employee to the company's team

I hope this comparison chart helps you understand the differences.

How to choose between a recruiter and an HR manager for your organization

The choice between a recruiter or an HR manager is of great importance for the successful management of your company's personnel. Recruiters focus on the effective process of bringing a candidate to an offer, looking for talented employees and conducting interviews. They help attract a wide audience of candidates and find the best employees.

On the other hand, HR managers deal with personnel management, create conditions for the development and comfort of the team. They are responsible for planning training, employee motivation and development programs. HR managers take care of retaining talent and creating a favorable working atmosphere.

The choice between a recruiter and an HR manager depends on the specifics of your business and personnel management needs. Recruiters ensure a fast and efficient flow of candidates, while HR managers create conditions for career growth and team comfort. When choosing between these professions, it is important to consider the specifics of your business and the needs of personnel management.

Understanding the difference between a recruiter and an HR manager will help you make the right choice for your organization. However, it is important to avoid common mistakes when choosing between these professions.

Let's look at this question in more detail.

Frequent mistakes when choosing between a recruiter and an HR manager

When choosing between a recruiter and an HR manager, some organizations make mistakes that can be avoided. One of these mistakes is a misunderstanding of the basic duties of these professions.

Recruiters aim to find talented candidates and select them for the company, focusing on aspects of the vacancy and the company's needs. On the other hand, HR managers manage personnel, including aspects of employee attraction and retention.

Another common mistake is lack of communication between recruiters and HR managers. Effective communication is a key factor in achieving common organizational goals. Lack of communication can lead to unsuccessful recruitment or employee dissatisfaction.

Also, some organizations make a mistake in their priorities when they give preference to recruiters or HR managers. It is important to understand that both roles are essential to the success of the company. Recruiters ensure the acceptance of talented candidates, and HR managers deal with the development and retention of personnel.



Having considered the main duties and differences between a recruiter and an HR manager, we remind you that the choice between them depends on the specifics of your business. If your company is looking for candidates and closing vacancies, then a recruiter will be the best option.

But if your company needs multifaceted personnel management, including adaptation, motivation and development of employees, then an HR manager will be necessary.

Both specialists are key players in the field of personnel management and their orientations complement each other. It's important to understand your needs and objectives in order to make the right choice for your organization.


What does a recruiter do?

The recruiter is engaged in the search and selection of personnel for the company. They communicate with the hiring manager, conduct interviews and provide feedback. Recruiters have a motivation system that depends on results. They can also influence job requirements and assess candidates' soft skills.

What does an HR manager do?

The HR manager coordinates all aspects of personnel management, including recruitment, onboarding, motivation, competency assessment, and staff development. They help ensure the comfort and productivity of employees, build corporate culture and ensure the fulfillment of the company's business goals.